Hey little Chickadee!

I just found out that my dinky little flip phone (I’m very allergic to smart phones) can take photos!  Admittedly, really really crappy photos, but photos nonetheless!  Which is great, because when something like this happens…



I can still capture it!  Even though my camera is far away.

Speaking of capturing…


I just had to show my flat mate this adorable little guy.  He’s just a newly fledged chickadee, and like most fledglings, he’s not very good at flying yet.  So when he crashed into me, I scooped him up and ran inside to show her.

“That’s a bird!  You brought a bird in the house?  You brought a BIRD in the house?!” she exclaimed in disbelief.


She clearly doesn’t know me that well yet.


Okay back to where I found you, little dude!  Go get em!


10 thoughts on “Hey little Chickadee!

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