Where the thunder-chickens roam

Another belated hiking post from a few weeks ago.  A friend and I were exploring a little known bird reserve and he pointed out the distinctive drumming of the Ruffed Grouse (also known as the thunder-chicken).  It was pretty exciting, so I found a youtube video to share with you!

It was also a beautiful forest!  (With lots of hemlocks, my favourite.)


We could hear the grouse off in the green ferns bordering the forest.


But, as it was a reserve, we didn’t want to leave the trails to chase the wildlife.


Hey, I can be respectful (sometimes).






I just never get tired of photos of trails through forests.



This was a glorious old red oak.


I’m trying to master some black and white photography (hard for me because I LOVE colour).


We came across this wetland.


With an *extremely* dodgy boardwalk leading to an overlook.


We stepped carefully, sure to keep our weight on the cross ties, which were thicker than the boards.



Anania funebris (a day flying moth)


Ah, hemlocks…


Star flower!  Trientalis borealis



These huge fallen trees are fun.


Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Where the thunder-chickens roam

  1. I love your photos of dark forests with light penetrating, I’ld venture to say you capture that better than anything, really wonderful. I love hearing that sound, I never knew it was a bird! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re sweet! I love your photos, though. Rascal didn’t come on this walk…she’s not allowed in the bird reserve. (We sneak her into bird reserves sometimes, but we always get in trouble.) I bet she would have found one of those thunder chickens for us!

      • What? Rascal left at home? Blaspheme! Who will keep you out of trouble? The bird-loving side of you battling it out with the dog-loving side. Must be tough sometimes!

      • Haha it IS tough! Although I have to say that with the way Rascal has been farting lately, we’re a little less reluctant to leave her at home! No one can clear a room like Rascal when she has gas.

      • Ha, ha! I have a dog I thought was half skunk. Then I switched him to a grain-free diet and the wicked gas is gone! It might be worth a try…

      • She does eat a grain free diet most of the time, but she lives on a farm and has no fences, so she often catches and eats stinky things on her own. Oh and then there are the leftovers everyone feeds her haha!

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