Little baby snake!


I love my adorable garter snakes.  Last night I caught this little guy and luckily had my camera nearby, but I had to run into the house to get it.  I could just hear my flatmate if she caught me, “You brought a snake into the house?  You brought a SNAKE into the HOUSE?!”  Just like when I brought the bird in.  Well, at least the snake didn’t escape into the house like the bird did!


Such a ham!


That’s my kind of jewelry…



I think snakes are just gorgeous.




5 thoughts on “Little baby snake!

  1. My teenaged daughter recently entered an ant-fascination phase. She’s quite excited about the upcoming AntMan movie (some sort of super hero). She was showing me ant photos from the internet, and I told her I could provide much better photos. I went to your site, pulled up all “ant” tags, and emailed the link to her. Unfortunately, it had “plant” as well as “ant” posts, but hey, I was in a hurry. A few days later, I heard her cooing over her smartphone about the cuteness of it all. WTF? She was looking at your terrific ant posts and photos! Ha, ha! She asked me to convey her appreciation.

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