Some Links, Somewhere

Don’t listen to this if Country gives you hives, but otherwise, hilarious if you’re having a bad day:

How to speak Aussie (hilarious, but also very true):

I love this NPR article on what it’s like to be a scientist, and to feel the agony of knowing you’ll never know some of the answers you spend your life pursuing:

Wow, this is a fascinating article about bicycle physics!

I love Mymercos (Alex Wild = another one of my academic crushes along with Sam Droege and others!).  This article is about a fascinating example of mimicry:

What to do if you see a bear:

Gardening and landscaping practices to benefit native bees in your space:

Tiny frooooooggsss!!

EDIT: Bing’s home page has a bee on it today!  (Specifically, the blue-banded bee, which is an Aussie!  Check it out, but be aware it changes every day.)  It also led me to find this new insect photographer, Yudy Sauw:


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