Cactus bee!

Before the rainstorm drove us out of Garden of the Gods, I stumbled on this prickly pear cactus with a BEE in it!  I got so excited that I told my friends to go on without me and I spent a few minutes photographing the bee while thunder rumbled ominously overhead and the sky darkened dramatically.

I’m not too sure about western bees, but I think this is Diadasia, which is one of a few cactus specialists.  So cute!


I’m kind of aggravated that these photos aren’t better, but I guess I don’t take my best photos under pressure. Barometric pressure!





8 thoughts on “Cactus bee!

  1. Found on a cactus I guess? It would be hard to identify bees you see infrequently and not found in your own region.

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