Traveling…and revising the top ten list

I’m on the road, so I won’t post much this week, but I thought it was interesting that my top ten most visited posts have changed since last I checked.

My most clicked on post is now Ode to the Apple, by Pablo Neruda.  Interesting that it’s a poem!

2) The largest and smallest bee in the world (I’m happy for that to be near the top of the list)

3) Simple insect and flower line drawings (I also get most of my clicks from that post…I should probably do some more line drawing!)

4) You were not bitten by a spider in your sleep (still my most controversial post)

5) Ant nest architecture (still in the top ten after all these years!)

6) How to write the conclusion to your PhD thesis (I always hope people actually find this funny and not just annoying)

7) La noche oscura, by San Juan de la Cruz

8) Traveling, by William Wordsworth (apropos!)

9) Common garden weeds

10) Honeybee hexagons and the myriad nest structures of bees (I actually really like that post!)


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