Hieroglyphics Trail

A friend and I hiked this trail in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. Gorgeous desert landscape! And lots of cacti… So some of the cacti look like they exploded, like this one…a friend told me a story about them absorbing too much water and exploding, which I think is pretty ridiculous, but if you know […]

Cool Cacti

I love cacti! (except when I’m getting prickled by them) Barrel cactus (Ferocactus) flowers Tiniest baby cactus Cholla flower Prickly pear Prickly pear fruit Saguaros are tall!  My friend is five foot twelve (that joke doesn’t work in metric sorry) I told him to pretend he was a cactus. Teddy bear Cholla with cactus wren […]

Songs for a hopeless wanderer

I’m about to move (again)*, as is my way, and I thought it would be fun to collate some moving songs as a sound track for packing! Mumford and Sons, Hopeless wanderer: I love them and this is incidentally also a hilarious music video. Matthew Wilder, Break my stride: One of the first running songs […]

Beija-Flor (Hummingbird) , Diane Ackerman

I’m on a hummingbird kick lately…not literally, so I thought I’d find a poem about hummingbirds. But somehow, even though the title of this poem is hummingbird, it doesn’t have any hummingbirds in it.  Hmmm…poetry is confusing… Beija-Flor (Hummingbird)  When you kiss me, moths flutter in my mouth; when you kiss me, leaf-cutter ants lift […]

Hummingbird Highlights, Part 4

The last of my four part series on the hummingbirds of Arizona…some solo shots of birds at the feeder.  If there was ever any doubt in your mind on how I feel about hummingbirds, it should now be gone.  I had to turn the shutter speed way up to capture them in flight! Probably my […]

Hummingbird Highlights, Part 3 (feeder wars)

I once read that a biological station in Monte Verde, Costa Rica, had to take down their hummingbird feeders because one individual hummingbird decided it was his territory and wouldn’t allow any other bird to visit.  Hummingbirds do tend to be super territorial, so I was surprised at the number of birds at these feeders […]

Hummingbird Highlights, Part 2 (Arizona)

These were wild hummingbirds I photographed in AZ, as opposed to the well behaved aviary birds at the Sonoran Desert Museum. Because of this, these photos are not quite as nice, although I like to think they are still attractive.  🙂 She looks so pleased with herself There’s a story behind this bird (and photo)…I […]