I’ve finally returned from many weeks of traveling!

I’ll be moving again in a couple of weeks (AH!)!

I have many many stories building up to share, but time is short, so I’ll share a short story today.

A friend and I were traveling around Arizona, camping, hiking, and exploring, and we came across Walnut Canyon National Monument (more on that later). My friend is very interested in human history, so we wanted to explore the canyon (which also had an interesting flora and fauna for me), but we were in the middle of a lightning storm.

We decided to wander a little away from the station to try to get some photographs of the lightning.

I was leaning on a metal railing to stabilize my long exposures when a bolt of lightning struck the railing somewhere along its length and I got a healthy zap.

“Wow, my hair just stood on end,” said my friend, who was standing nearby.

“I just got zapped!” I exclaimed.

So now I can say I’ve been struck by lightning, albeit in probably the most benign way.  A true SOIMF* milestone.

You could say I’ve been enlightninged!



3 thoughts on “En-lightning-ment

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