Ant alate

Another photo from this spring…I just thought this winged ant was pretty! It reminds me of a story too…back when I was training undergraduates to identify members of the insect order Hymenoptera to the family level (remember orders are divided into families).  Some of the undergraduates were fantastic and some of them were… not so […]

Some Melandrena

Melandrena is a subgenus of Andrena, which are also known as the mining bees because they nest in the ground.  The Melandrena are abundant visitors to apple blossoms and are thought to be important pollinators of that crop (Russo et al 2015).  They are early spring bees (so yes I should have posted these photos […]

Colletes flying

I keep having this weird paranoia that I’ve already posted things and just forgotten, and that I’m writing the same posts I’ve written before, or posting the same photos.  I don’t think I’m doing that, but if I am, let me know.  Just goes to show how absent-minded I am.  It would be just my […]

Other Arizona Birds

I mean, aside from the copious hummingbirds (1,2,3,4) and the birds of the Sonoran Desert Museum. Savannah Sparrow Yellow eyed Junco I figured out what these were by asking an ornithologist if he could identify “those junco-type birds with yellow eyes” for me. And he said, “Oh. Those are yellow-eyed juncos.”  Right. Moody American Robin […]

Grey Hawk

Saw this guy in Arizona, and fell in love… I do believe in love at first sight after all!! My friend spotted this guy while driving, flipped an illegal u-turn, and parked on the shoulder of a busy highway so that I could photograph him. I have good friends. Buteo plagiatus (also known as a […]

Links to Share!

This was me (not featured in the article)!  I flocked to Arizona during monsoon season! If I could paint, I would paint these guys: We learn more and more all the time: Velvet ants for the win!! Amazing wildlife photography (my favourite is the amphibian): I like this cute little […]

Rascal the Raider dog, some photos

I’m sharing old photos of Rascal because I feel like it!  (And I miss her.)  Besides, there just can’t be anything wrong with posting a bunch of happy puppy photos. Okay, I love all puppies, but this is a pretty great puppy. No one can deny it! Hehehehe Rascal loves the winter And she loves […]