Short-tailed Shrew

Mammal identification is not my strength, so if you know that I’ve identified this incorrectly, do let me know in the comments.  I think this is Blarina brevicauda, or Sorex?

When I got home from work the other day, I found this little guy upside down beneath the place where I lock my bikes up. He was wiggling his little legs in a panic, and he was clearly not in good condition.  I didn’t really know how to help him, but I ran to get a shoebox, which I filled with an old t-shirt and a lid full of water and, for good measure, a grape. (I didn’t know what he might like to eat, but all I had on hand was grapes and I wanted him to have something if he recovered and got hungry.)

The poor little guy didn’t last the evening, but I like to think I made his final hours a little more comfortable and calm.  At least he was cozy and safe.

Short-tailed Shrew

At first, he was pretty lethargic.

Short-tailed Shrew

But then he regained some energy and burrowed around in the t-shirt for a bit.

Short-tailed Shrew

Look at the teeny tiny eye!

Short-tailed Shrew

Short tail!


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