Holey hay mow, batman!

These are really old photos from earlier this summer that I never had a chance to post.  My friend and I have been cleaning out an old (very old) barn, which was full of hay up to the waist.  We’ve been baling the hay and selling it cheaply as mulch hay, which has the advantages of 1) getting the hay out of the mow* 2) making the gas money back that it takes to bale it.  It’s very dusty business, but as more and more of the floor of the barn is uncovered, it’s very rewarding.

Hay mow

Tractor and baler at the ready, with a giant pile of hay I dumped out of the mow.  (That’s Hercules, by the way.)

Hay mow

Putting old hay into the baler.

Hay mow

Poor old barn is getting a little drafty

Hay mow

A little hay dust can make even old tires look magical

Hay mow

Hay-ry dust!

Hay mow

Hay mow

This *must* have been a long time ago because the Black Locust is in full bloom.

Hay mow

Maybe my favourite photo of the set.

Hay mow

Black locust blooming

Hay mow

At the golden hour, everything looks beautiful

Hay mow

Even puppies who want to know just WHAT is so exciting up there?

Hay mow

Puppies who later get to go on a truck ride!

*NB: This was a term I’d never heard before, but it basically means the upper part of the barn where the hay is stored.


6 thoughts on “Holey hay mow, batman!

  1. Never heard of a ‘mow’ in that sense. Our bedroom is a former hayloft = mow – there are still old chains and a wooden platform 12′ above the ground for the hay bales to be stored through what is now a window. No actual hay remains in the… Mow. RH

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