Underwater trees: UPDATED!

UPDATE:  I just realized that I missed the perfect opportunity to share a song here…Underwater! By Mika

Sometimes when I’m walking through the forest, I feel like I’m underwater*.  The dim, murky sunlight, filtered through the leaves, reminds me of being beneath the surface of the ocean.  And the sighs of the branches in the wind are like waves rushing along…









*I have an active imagination.


10 thoughts on “Underwater trees: UPDATED!

  1. I love the images and the imagery, I feel that way when I look up at a blue sky sometimes, like Im going to fall into it… I love the sun shining through

  2. Lovely imagery! I can relate to the underwater feelings when being in a rainforest. It’s so dark and the light flickers through the canopy giving a similar effect to light through water. When I lived in dry outback areas it reminded me of being near the ocean sometimes when the wind roared through the spinifex and the box gum trees. 🙂

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