Colletes flying

Colletes inaequalis mid flight

I keep having this weird paranoia that I’ve already posted things and just forgotten, and that I’m writing the same posts I’ve written before, or posting the same photos.  I don’t think I’m doing that, but if I am, let me know.  Just goes to show how absent-minded I am.  It would be just my style to rewrite an entire post.

Colletes inaequalis mid flight

Here’s a post I should have written a loooooonnnggg time ago.  Back in the spring of this year, I took a lot of photos of the cellophane bee, Colletes inaequalis.  This is one of my favourite bees and back in New York there were several Colletes nests right on campus.  One Saturday afternoon, I decided the most fun thing in the world would be to get some photos of Colletes in mid-flight.

Colletes inaequalis mid flight

So I rode my bike over to one of the larger nesting aggregations…and these nesting aggregations get huge.  This one in particular covered and area of maybe 625 square meters, with incredible density.  In places, you couldn’t even walk without stepping on nest entrances.

Colletes inaequalis mid flight

Being me, I completely lost track of time and spent the next four hours army crawling around on my belly taking photos.  For all of that, I didn’t really get a single good photo of a Colletes in flight.  Oh well.

Colletes inaequalis mid flight

I did get some photos of Melandrena…

Colletes inaequalis mid flight

Which I will share soon!

Colletes inaequalis mid flight


10 thoughts on “Colletes flying

  1. Such great ‘in flight’ shots! Silence the doubt, if by chance you repeat post (but I don’t think you are) it must be because there is so new morsel of information you want/need to add.

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