Round Baling

I’ve had a request for more tractor photos, so I plan to do a tractor gallery soon!  Until then, let these photos of a John Deere 70 hauling a round baler tide you over.  We’ve* had limited success with the round baler, but we* made four times as many round bales this year as last year! (we* made four this year)

Round Baler

Round balers are cool because they just gobble up the hay and spin it round and round and round and then you pull a lever and it spins the bale and you move the twine back and forth to wrap in up and then you pull another lever and it poops the bale out.  Pretty cool….when it’s working

Round Baler

Let’s just say the round baler involves a lot of cursing.

Round Baler

Rascal is helping.

Round Baler

I like the colours in this one…

Round Baler

Don’t run over the photographer!

Round Baler

There’s Herc hiding in the bushes


Rascal is pretty dubious about the round baler.

*I use the term “we” loosely as I was played mostly the supportive role of running around with my camera and helping to unroll bales that got messed up.


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