Some Victorian birds

Yesterday, after I posted the photos from my aunt’s bird calendar, I realized that I had completely forgotten about all my Australian bird photos, none of which were included in her calendar!  Then I was looking through my old posts, and I couldn’t even find a group of bird photos I took in Victoria.  Sorry if you’ve already seen these (they’re from 2012), but I couldn’t find them anywhere!

Aussie birds

There is a rest stop on the Great Ocean Road where you can feed the wild (?) birds.  They’re so used to people that they will land on your hands when you feed them.  I love birds but I’m not a huge fan of this because it teaches them not to fear humans.

Nonetheless…I won’t turn my nose up at an opportunity to photograph birds.

Aussie birds

I love the mist on his feathers…Australian King Parrot

Aussie birds

Aussie Wood ducks

Aussie birds

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos

Aussie birds

Aussie birds

A frumpy crimson rosella

Aussie birds

Times when I wish I had a telephoto lens…this is a splendid fairy wren.

Aussie birds

Been a couple of years…is this a brush wattlebird?

Aussie birds

This is definitely a red wattlebird…

Aussie birds

Not a bird, but I thought you might like to see him anyway….


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