An amazing Black Mo sunset, and traveling

Here are some sunset photos from Black Mo From my earlier hike Reminds me of Stillwater When we were leaving, the sky was on fire, but the trees were in the way.  It was so beautiful.  And the tips of the mountains were like islands floating in the ice fog. Hey all, I’m going to […]

Links to Share

This mastiff is my spirit animal…get it done, at your own dang pace! Yes! head banging bees: I love everything about this gif: Congratulations, you have face mites! And they’ve been here a long time! This is why dogs are messy drinkers: (check this out if only for the hilarious images […]

Wood Song, by Justin Quinn

Wood Song I remember the world in spring— those few weeks when the blooming trees let go their pollen for the breeze with unexpected force to swing sky-high, multitudes milling round at different speeds of draught and drift so many metres from the ground— a festival, a stunning airlift. Maple, walnut, beech, alder, plane and […]

Wind Dispersal, Milkweeds

Did you know that the environment plants grow in can actually change the dispersal characteristics of the seeds? There was a study published in 2014 that shows this for an invasive species of thistle (Teller et al 2014). It’s especially interesting when you consider that this plasticity in dispersal could play a role in its […]

Take a Hike! (with me?) Moss Hanne Trail

Okay, this is serious…I can’t stay away from Black Moshannon State Park. The Moss Hanne is an 11 mi (or 13 mi depending on who you ask) loop in Black Mo, and I’ve hiked it many times. It’s relatively flat, which makes it temptingly easy even for one of the shortest days of the year. […]

Rascal the Raider Dog

Rascal and I met halfway to go for a hike. I was so happy to see her! Oh, her human was there too… I have more photos from that hike, but these are my favourite Rascal photos. One of my all time favourite Rascal photos! I feel like this really captures her personality, haha Rascal […]