Good old Black Mo

Black Mo is our fond nickname for Black Moshannon State Park. I shared some photos from this year yesterday, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my old photos today, to compare my old style to my new skillz.  (aka I get to subject you to crappy photography for fun!)


Okay so it seems like most of my old photos are from the spring, so maybe it’s not a fair comparison.


But I still feel like I’ve improved.



Oh this one is nice…it’s from the 13 mile Moss Hanne trail, which I’ve done a few times.  It’s lovely.




Bonus carnivorous plants photo…yay bogs!  You know, I’ve looked at this photo a hundred times and this is the first time I noticed that someone cut the flowering stalk.  Huh.


Yeah definitely think that photo could have been better


This one is kinda nice though


Oh makes me want to hike


Bonus shot of my friend Dominique…she and I were volunteering at the park, planting trees.



6 thoughts on “Good old Black Mo

  1. I think you are rather hard on yourself these are great, compositionally you’ve always been excellent, the one thing I can say is your command of exposure and settings has improved. Your one of the best Ive ever seen in that respect. Thankyou for posting I enjoy your photo’s very much!

  2. Carniv. plants – what do you call the ones here (apart from ‘cunning’)? In the UK, pitcher plants. And the ‘jaws-with-teeth-and-sticky-inside’ ones are Venus’s Fly Traps. Just wondering. RH

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