Links to share Updated!

I love Chris Hadfield, but who DOESN’T love Chris Hadfield??

From the comments below, I had to share this Hadfield video (He’s very talented!)

I had never heard of the “sunny 16” rule, so I looked it up and found it super helpful:

(Here’s the corollary “looney 11”

Bees bees bees

The hunt for a giant flea (entomologists are nerds):

Nature is soooo majestic:

As a cyclist (who has hit the ground hard) this kind of freaks me out, but as a person who has just been to Baltimore, I find it interesting:

I ❤ Albatrosses…my online name for a bridge game (yes, I am that nerdy) was Diomedeida (that’s the Albatross family) for a while.

Wombats suffering from mange, and what scientists are doing about it (Let’s not lose another iconic Aussie animal!):

I love snowy owls!!  I’m anticipating their return with great excitement. Until then, more hilarious gorgeousness (so dopey, so beautiful!):


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