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This mastiff is my spirit animal…get it done, at your own dang pace!

Yes! head banging bees:

I love everything about this gif:

Congratulations, you have face mites! And they’ve been here a long time!

This is why dogs are messy drinkers: (check this out if only for the hilarious images of dogs sticking out their tongues in slow motion)


Bad scientific article titles:

I thought this paper on size variation in bilaterally symmetric flowers was really interesting!

Basically, flowers with bilateral symmetry are thought to be more derived and the authors were trying to understand the selection driving bilateral symmetry. Bilaterally symmetric flowers tend to have much lower size variation than radially symmetric flowers, so many have thought that this is meant to narrow the diversity of bees that will visit. Instead, the authors suggest that the architecture of the flower serves to place pollen in a particular spot on the pollinator’s body, rather than to attract a particular pollinator.  Cool stuff!

(PS Yes I know I’m a nerd)

Also! A phylogeny of Santas:

(seems like something I would do also)

I think I’ve shared some of these but not all:


6 thoughts on “Links to Share

  1. My favorite paper title was: Head and Neck Injury Risks in Heavy Metal: Head Bangers Stuck Between Rock and a Hard Bass. Cute. Loved the dog and cat drinking! Have a nice time traveling!

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