Snowy Egret fishing in the ocean

I wrote a letter to my friend each day while I was in Costa Rica, and each day I settled on an “animal of the day” (or two!). One day, it was this snowy egret. I’ve seen snowy egrets before but I’ve never seen one fishing in the ocean. And it was an amazing interaction […]

Toucan play at this game

One of my favourite bird interactions in Costa Rica was with this toucan. It was the second to last day at Campanario, and I was starting to get depressed that I hadn’t seen any toucans yet. It turned out to be an amazing day…more on that later. But one of the most amazing parts was […]

Costa Rican Stingless Bees: Meliponini

The Meliponini is a tribe of stingless Neotropical bees. They are members of the family Apidae, which also includes familiar bees such as honeybees and bumble bees. And like honey and bumble bees, the Meliponini are social and make honey (in small amounts, some species make enough for humans to farm). This tribe is incredibly […]

Please Don’t, by Tony Hoagland

A fun little poem… Please Don’t tell the flowers—they think the sun loves them. The grass is under the same simple-minded impression about the rain, the fog, the dew. And when the wind blows, it feels so good they lose control of themselves and swobtoggle wildly around, bumping accidentally into their slender neighbors. Forgetful little […]

Some Costa Rican Lizards

Anolis lizards are the most common…they are very dominant in the tropics Look at that smug mug Juvenile Anolis Another juvenile Anolis…I got so excited thinking these guys were geckos (only a couple of centimeters long!) that I caught one and brought it back to the station only to learn it was just another Anolis…le […]

Some Costa Rican flowers

I’ll have more flower photos to post eventually, but here are some of the ones I saw in Costa Rica! Monochaetum volcanicum Damage from a flower piercer…now if only I’d seen the bird! This looks like a Malvaceae to me There are a lot of things I don’t know A Campanulaceae, Centropogon (a local guy […]

Some Costa Rican Frogs

Love me some tropical amphibians! Wish I had better photos of these guys, but they’re sexy beasts anyway. These leaf litter frogs (or rain frogs) are super tiny and super hard to identify And super well camouflaged Yum! Glass frog! This picture is worse but the expression is better! So adorable! I actually identified this […]