Some Costa Rican Snakes

Why have I not yet posted about the gorgeous snakes I saw in Costa Rica? Oh right, because there were so many other amazing things to also write about. It was a surprisingly bad year for snakes…I only saw four during the entire trip. But they were beautiful anyway. I ❤ snakes! Blunt-headed Tree Snake […]

A pack of peccaries (or a peck of packeries?)

Do you remember how I told you that fantastic places have their own way of saying goodbye? That was true of the first biological station we left in Costa Rica…as we were leaving half a dozen charismatic animals came out to distract us (I realize I even forgot one in that post, so I added […]

A couple of Costa Rican Bats

We caught* these Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) in Cerro de la Muerte. They were trapped in a room with 11 screaming female students, so I rescued them (and the students). Fuzzy picture, cute expression Hence the name Feetsies! Pretty bats And I found this vampire bat in a hollow tree trunk. I vant to […]

Evolution, by Linda Bierds

I saw the first line of this poem and decided I wanted to share it before I even read the rest. Evolution How, Alan Turing thought, does the soft-walled, jellied, symmetrical cell become the asymmetrical horse? It was just before dusk, the sun’s last shafts doubling the fence posts, all the dark mares on their […]

The tapir

  This is a story about how I went looking for some very, very tiny animals, and ended up stumbling (almost literally!) on a very, very large animal. I had learned about Microstigmus wasps from the director of the biological station. She told me that these tiny, eusocial wasps build nests that hang from a […]

There’s a snake in my boot

Alternate title: Amazing places say goodbye The main professor on the Costa Rica course always says, “Amazing places have their own ways of saying goodbye.” Boy was he ever right! We spend the majority of our time there at two different biological stations, one in a montane forest and the other in a lowland coastal […]