One day, while we were hiking through the rainforest, a stray dog trotted up and leaned on my leg. I patted him on the head and he ran forward and got some attention from the students (one of whom claimed that he was the most exciting animal he’d seen the entire trip). Then the dog followed me when I split off from the rest of the group.

Then I followed him, letting him lead me down into a sheltered bay full of coconuts. When I headed back to the station, he showed me the best way to cross a river, but he disappeared before I actually arrived. The next morning, I found him sleeping outside my door.

Most dogs don’t survive very long in this forest…there are too many things that consider them perfectly meal sized. A smart dog knows the best way to survive the night is to sleep close to humans.

We affectionately named him Gosque (Colombian slang for mutt). A smart and sweet dog. I hope he’s still doing well, wherever he is.

Gosque sleeping in front of my door
Oops I woke him up
He’s a cutie


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