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I love how we put cameras on birds, and flying turned out to be every bit as cool as we always imagined it would be:

On that note, Cornell made a film about filming birds in flight and it is awesome. I especially like the way the indigo bunting flaps a few times, then folds his wings, and looks straight at the camera like Ohhh yeahhhhh….

Things are not always as they seem:

Bees got a mention from one of my favourite cooking blogs:

I like this illustration of Sylvia Plath’s poetry:

I enjoyed this post about Lincoln and Darwin on Ecology is not a Dirty Word:

The Bee Club, from one of my favourite comics (Bird and Moon):

Ok I could link a million Bird and Moon comics, but while I’m here:

Every time I see one of these things I think “NO we’re doing it wrong…it’s the males who are supposed to be flashy!”
(although weirdly, now I want to draw the more birdlike ones)

Aussie birds start fires, apparently:

Dogs are so amazing, they can even sniff out whale* poo:

Men don’t read what women write (a depressing story):
And on that note, invisible sexism in the dictionary:

16 Invasive Species to never buy (assuming you live in the US):

*I originally wrote this as “dog poo” which was a typo, although of course they can do that too!


2 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. wow that is really cool how they just glide now and then like they have all the time in the world for a break. Birds are so beautiful ty for posting 🙂

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