There’s a snake in my boot

Alternate title: Amazing places say goodbye

The main professor on the Costa Rica course always says, “Amazing places have their own ways of saying goodbye.” Boy was he ever right! We spend the majority of our time there at two different biological stations, one in a montane forest and the other in a lowland coastal forest. We stay at two other stations as well, but only for a night each, so we become less attached to them.

The two main biological stations we stayed at each had spectacular ways of saying goodbye (at least to me!). As we were all gathering outside the first to prepare to hike down the mountain, we heard a student say plaintively, “Uh, can someone help me get this snake out of my boot?”

I thought he was kidding at first, making a joke after that movie Toy Story. But no, there was literally a snake in his boot.  A beautiful, beautiful blunt-headed snake!


However, just as I was about to help him with the snake, one of the Costa Ricans staying at the station pointed out the most amazing weevil I’d ever seen!


So then we had the snake and the weevil,


but a giant grasshopper landed on my jacket.


And then a cute little tarantula waltzed out.


And then while I was carrying all of those things, a moth landed on one woman’s blouse (the blouse and the moth were the same pattern and colour!).  At this point my hands were too full of animals to take any more effective photos.  (NB: This is also when I saw the bees from this post flying in and out of their nest.) But I was just overwhelmed by it all.  Wooowww!!

I’ll tell you more about the amazing way the second biological station said goodbye soon.

Amazing places really do have their own ways of saying goodbye!


5 thoughts on “There’s a snake in my boot

  1. My dad, who grew up in Central America, always insisted that we shake out our shoes before putting them on I the morning. This is why!

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