An Epic Railtrail Hike (and a monster attack)

My friend and I did a ten mile railtrail hike last Saturday, which is epic not for its distance (although that was part of its epic-ness), but because of everything that went wrong. Also I was attacked by this monster: 50 pounds of furry First, it is epic for my friend to be able to […]

Some bees on ornamental cherries

The ornamental cherries on campus mainly seem to be attractive to honeybees, bumblebees, carpenter bees, and the occasional orchard bee (Osmia cornifrons). But they are pretty nonetheless! I had a lot of fun trying to make my photos “artsy” (I’m not very good at that, haha!). Hope you like them! Spring is heeeerrreeee and I […]

The magnolia and the pachysandra

Beautiful Magnolia I went out looking for bees on my lunch hour one day last week and found myself drawn to the magnificent bloom of the magnolia tree. It was covered in giant, glorious blooms, so I wandered around for a few minutes, wondering who pollinated it. I did see a few things… A lovely […]

Hanging out with orchard bees: Osmia cornifrons

This is a bee species that was introduced from Japan to help with orchard pollination. Since its introduction, its population has been spreading across the US and is doing extremely well here. It is by far the most abundant mason bee you will see in early spring. It is unknown whether it competes with native […]