Pure beauty is a Euglossine Bee: Part 2!

If you know me at all, you know how much I love (Euglossine) bees, so naturally, I lost many hours of my life to trying to get good photos of them this last time I was in Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of borrowing a friend’s ring flash again (le sigh), so that maybe limits what I could do.

But check this out!


Do you not love it?!?! See the pollinia? I need to do a separate post about that, but for now, here are some of my favourite Euglossine bee photos from the most recent trip…I’ll post a bunch more tomorrow because I have no self control and besides who wouldn’t want to indulge in these seriously beautiful creatures. (Also, David Roubik helped me identify this one as Euglossa championi)

Mmmmm gotta get me some of that sexy cineole bait for the honeys

We get several different species at the baits

Look at that ridiculously long tongue! These are all males, by the way…the males are attracted to the scents we put out, but not the females. That’s an interesting paradox: the males collect scents and blend them into a cocktail to attract females for mating purposes…but females are not attracted to the scents we put out! So how are they attracted to the scents males put out? An additional added pheromone? Nobody knows for sure.

Natural lighting is beautiful, but not enough to freeze those wingbeats in motion.


Look at those huge hind legs! That’s where the males store the scents they collect.


There are some pretty drastic size differences…I don’t know if these are different species or just different levels of nutrition during development


6 thoughts on “Pure beauty is a Euglossine Bee: Part 2!

  1. There can’t be many species in the animal world that make up their own blend of perfumes by collecting scents, what romantics those bees are. And on top of that they’re so beautiful and shiny, little flying jewels.

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