Links to Share

I suddenly find myself with a lot of things to share!

This made me feel things:

Know the names of the plants and animals that are abundant and important in your world.  Can you name the bird you hear singing every morning?  What is the tree in your front yard?  A woman once told me that she had seen her very first cardinal just that morning, despite having lived in Pennsylvania her entire life.  If I see fewer than four cardinals in a given day, it is a poor day indeed!  They are flamboyant and loud, and if you live in a part of the world where they are common, you should know their name!  That conversation made my heart hurt a little bit and so did that article.

Dragonflies are awesome, but we already knew that.  Turns out they have the record for the longest distance arthropod migration:

I have a deep set hatred toward field mice because they once completely dismantled a field experiment I had spent months on, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, these guys are cute and no denying it:

I love these paintings of climate change:

Also, this comic on the political history of climate change is very informative:

Also, climate change continues to get scarier:


NPR did a fun thing on accidental science!

This is what a bumblebee brain looks like…pretty weird:

This makes my heart happy…cello on a mountain:

A new octopod! I’m personally nicknaming this Casper:

A list of rules for canny evil overlords:

The National Parks are incredible and beautiful, but there is a huge population pressure threatening them. How much attention is too much? We threaten them with our very love of them…

Shout out to the research of a friend of mine…social insects have a weaker immune response, which is why hygiene in the hive is so important:


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