Stressful times

You know you’re too stressed and close to snapping when you see a gif of a dog and it makes you laugh until you cry.


6 thoughts on “Stressful times

  1. Ah, stress, one of the ways we know we’re alive! Because who stresses when they are dead! And your body knew just what it needed . . . a laugh or a cry or both. Helpful like that isn’t it ! Hope things ease up soon . . . look, it’s spring!

  2. That made me laugh too! I saw a video of a big shaggy cat farting yesterday. It lifted the cat’s body up it was so powerful and the poor cat looks completely bewildered. I couldn’t stop laughing. Normally these things don’t affect me like that! I remember during exam time, we uni students would tend to laugh at stuff that normally wouldn’t produce a smile. It’s our bodies stress release I think. I hope things improve for you soon! 🙂

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