The Worship of Nature, by John Greenleaf Whittier

The Worship of Nature The harp at Nature’s advent strung Has never ceased to play; The song the stars of morning sung Has never died away. And prayer is made, and praise is given, By all things near and far; The ocean looketh up to heaven, And mirrors every star. Its waves are kneeling on […]

White-breasted Nuthatch (painting)

One of my mother’s favourite birds, so I painted one for Mother’s Day. The black and white just came naturally because the bird is mostly black and white (and shades of grey). This is acrylic, which is my fastest art medium, I think. It looks better from far away haha, which is actually not even […]

Bees on deadnettle

Deadnettle (Lamium purpureum) is a popular flower among bees. It’s also a common weed in the northeastern US…right now it’s blooming in great abundance in PA, especially along the edges of cornfields where I can only imagine it was accidentally spread by farm equipment. I think these are all Osmia…cornifrons?  I’m not one hundred percent […]

Starlings nesting in the capital cherries

More birds! (you know you love it, everyone takes photos of monuments but where else are you going to get photos of birds on a tour of DC?) A starling on a gnarly old cherry tree She goes in! Love those shiny chest feathers Artsy flying away photo haha Hello? It’s me I was wondering […]

Some birds around the capital: Updated

(I have to check the spelling of “capital” every time I write a post about it, sigh) While we were touring around Washington, D.C. of course I was more interested in the birds than the buildings, much to my father’s chagrin.  What can I say?  Humans and the things they build always fail to excite […]

Starlings are invasive (and pretty)

  Have I talked about starlings before? Only in the sense of mentioning how amazing their murmurations are. I won a scholarship in high school writing about the invasion of starlings…I should dig that up and make it a blog post haha.  (Not really, although if you rate it by funding success, my writing was […]