Links to share

Spiders that eat fish:

I love this…everyone thinks butterflies are delicate and elegant creatures, but here are some examples of how they behave badly!

Did you know there is a symbol for ecology? Neither did I! It must be retired:

Fairy circles in Australia:

Barriers to women in science:

An interesting article on the spread of highways in cities:

Is cooking or slicing more important?

Oh man, I’ve had so many concussions…this kind of article is so depressing.  I experienced the “quietness” in the brain that she talks about here:

One of my major pet peeves is wasting water for NO REASON: people who leave the faucet on or let it drip for hours, for example. A couple of weeks ago someone left the shower running in the locker room when they went into the other room.  I turned it off, seriously steamed*, but received an angry glare when the person came back a few minutes later.

I’ve read so many articles about Alzheimer’s since my grandfather was diagnosed a couple of years ago…it seems like there are so many promising avenues of research, such as this one:

Almonds that don’t need bees? Or are the native bees buzzing? I wonder how much they are doing:

An interview with the inimitable E.O. Wilson:

The untold stories of black girls:

A gallery of gorgeous insect eggs:

A bunch of animals we thought were extinct, but then found again WHEW (please ignore the last one, ok thx):

A good friend passed away on Friday…the second to last thing she said was “I have a few regrets about my life, but it was an interesting one.” (…the last thing she said was, “Please stay away from electric eels!”) This was the last thing she sent me (with no further comment):
Rest in peace, buddy. 😦

*Pun intended


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