Imagine a trout…

I painted a spectacular (for me) rainbow trout to give to a friend of mine for his birthday, but I did not have time to scan it.  So now you just have to imagine* a beautiful rainbow trout above colorful river rocks and in front of a twisty log and pretend like I painted that for you.

I was actually pretty proud of the trout because I had a better plan for the background, and it went way better than usual. I’ve been struggling with backgrounds a lot lately, so even though it wasn’t perfect, I was pretty happy with it.

Happy Friday!

*Your imagination will probably do a better job than me, actually, haha!


5 thoughts on “Imagine a trout…

  1. Beautiful! I love the trout especially the light designs through the water! The background looks great and the log and rocks are perfect as usual, great job!

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