Links to Share

Rare well preserved spider fossil:

This is a very useful guide to handling baby birds (I wish I’d had it last autumn)!

You know I love maps…here are some great ones showing what you would see from the sea shore…given super unlimited sight!

Resources for natural history nerds:

I would add to that list!

For example, pretty beetle:

This is a fascinating paper about the evolution of floral rewards adjacent to honeybee hives…when there’s a surplus of pollinators, flowers evolve to provide fewer rewards because there is a cost to producing floral rewards. It makes you wonder about the impacts we have on evolving species without knowing it… Mu et al 2014,

The amazing fleetle! My colleague and I spent a long time staring at this fly that mimics a beetle before we figured out what was going on. Entomology never ceases to amaze! (If you don’t read French, google will translate the page for you)

Another paper; this one is on fossilized orchid pollinaria! They’ve been pulling their tricks for a long time (Tertiary Dominican amber)… Poinar 2016 (here’s the pdf)

Wasps make amazing nests when you give them construction paper!

A discussion of shinyness and a beetle with a raspberry beret!

(I’m not going to link to that song because I hate that song, sorry :P)

A new tree of life diagram!  These are always fun…this one does a better job of emphasizing the incredible diversity of bacteria:

An analysis of male vs female dialogue in movies:

I’ve had some pretty hostile reviewer comments over the years (My favourite is still “this study is doomed to failure”), but this tumblr of horrible things reviewers say made me feel a little better:


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