Some birds around the capital: Updated

(I have to check the spelling of “capital” every time I write a post about it, sigh)

While we were touring around Washington, D.C. of course I was more interested in the birds than the buildings, much to my father’s chagrin.  What can I say?  Humans and the things they build always fail to excite me the way that nature does.  I wish it were not so, but alas. I got some very crappy bird photos before my parents dragged me away to more buildings, gross.


I already mentioned the lovely (and invasive) starlings


Bonaparte’s Gull

Bonaparte's Gull
Bonaparte's Gull
Bonaparte's Gull

Female Brown-headed Cowbird (thanks commenter!)


Grackles, yay

Get that itch!

A double crested cormorant (double thanks commenter!)


7 thoughts on “Some birds around the capital: Updated

  1. Like you, natural beauty is always more interesting to me.

    Regarding your unknown birds, I may have some ideas: the house finch-like bird is a female Brown-headed Cowbird. And the merganser-ish bird may be a Double-crested Cormorant. Hope that helps 🙂

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