Let your imagination rest!

My friend loaned me the rainbow trout so that I could scan it for you…see what you think!  I think I did much better on the background, IMHO.

rainbowtrout Stitch

(Ok, you have to use your imagination a little bit because the pic was too big for the scanner and I was only willing to scan it twice, so two corners are missing. But you get the idea, right?)


6 thoughts on “Let your imagination rest!

  1. Maybe ALL works of art should have 2 black corners. Mona Lisa? Monet’s damn lilies?The Scream? Not Rembrandt or Caravaggio perhaps – all their corners are dark. But how about white for them?

  2. nice! I love the vivid colrs! great job! Really nice background and great detail, I love the sun ripples

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