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Terrifying.  Have we changed the climate enough to affect the way the Earth wobbles on its axis?? NASA says…probably:

More big consequences of a changing climate:

Is God soap? A philosophical discussion (tongue in cheek)

Batfish! They are the cool, charismatic new species I discovered this week. Fascinating morphology. My young cousin posted a photo of one on facebook and said wtf this is what happens when you fish near a nuclear power plant!  And I had to say, actually that’s not a mutation, it’s just a really cool animal!!

Another cool animal for the week (also funny taxonomy) Wonderpus photogenicus!

Why are taxonomists so mean?   I couldn’t help but laugh a bit when I read this article on taxonomic vandalism.  I know it’s terrible for the taxonomists involved but it’s kind of hilarious that some crazy taxonomy-lover can cause so much chaos.

Philosophers on ecology:

I thought this was an interesting article from NPR on “just so” stories in anthropology (i.e. too much of the complexity is over looked in the search for simple, attractive explanations):

Turns out I’m a drug addict (no surprise there, I already knew running was highly addictive, I get seriously grumpy without it):

Appalling statistics on getting tenure for women in science:

I love these photo competitions, so many great ones! Wish I could paint them all. (PS Check out number 48…such camouflage! OH and number 9 makes such a great statement, haha, omg number 70 & 77)

Debris carrying bugs, gotta love em!

Bearcats smell like popcorn:

Sony World Photography Awards! You can spend a lot of time here, haha (although mostly human oriented, which appeals to me less):

Dogs and bees! Two of my faves:

Let’s end this link fest on a beautiful note:

2 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. Gotta read more of these. Liked the wonderpus. Also: taxonomic vandalism. Who knew? (Well, scientists reading in the field know, but those of us outside the fields…such infighting. You’d think they were, you know, scholars in the humanities!!)

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