The Funky Chicken

On my friend Ray’s farm, there is an overabundance of chickens (they really own the place), including a martial arts chicken. I can’t really convey the hilarity of the noise that chicken makes over the interwebs, but you just have to imagine it for yourself.

There’s also this chicken, a Bantam Silkie (years ago, I mentioned that either this or the Gloster Canary was surely the pinnacle of artificial selection).  And because I have expressed such a love of the Bantam Silkie, Ray has declared that this is my chicken. (It still lives on his farm, but he always points it out for me and says, “There’s your chicken!”)

I really do love Bantam Silkies

Bantam Silkie
Bantam Silkie
Bantam Silkie
Chicken butt!
Bantam Silkie
Look at that mohawk
Bantam Silkie
Two chicken butts!
Bantam Silkie


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