An egg-ceptionally difficult photo

I’m gonna have a post just for this one photo…because it was one of the most difficult photos I’ve ever taken! Not that this is a spectacular photo, but I had to first climb 50ft into a sugar maple, then drop down on a rope between a fork in two branches, tie myself in with a lanyard, and stretch out twisted upside down.  At this point, my harness had ridden up so that it was around my ribs, mostly just preventing me from breathing with too much ease.

I’ve learned that it is quite difficult to get an overhead shot of a hummingbird nest haha!

But I got it!  One tiny, pencil eraser sized egg in the nest!

Hummingbird Nest

Ok, I’ll share one more photo, from the ground. These nests are beautiful, made from cobwebs and lichens.

Hummingbird Nest


4 thoughts on “An egg-ceptionally difficult photo

  1. Definitely a worthy picture for a post. Did you know in advance that there is a hummingbird nest high up on the tree? What species is it?

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