Are you Mocking me?

I love mockingbirds…these guys can remember hundreds of songs and sounds. My aunt always says a really good birder will be able to identify all the birds in the neighborhood just by listening to a mockingbird for ten minutes.

Northern Mockingbird
Northern Mockingbird

I usually figure out a mockingbird is around when I have the following thought process…”that’s a weird sounding cardinal…warbler-wren?”

Northern Mockingbird
Northern Mockingbird

I’ve heard them mimic everything from alarm clocks, to the sound of trucks backing up, to that signal that it’s safe for blind people to cross at a cross walk (they’re going to get someone killed, I almost walked out in the road myself).

Northern Mockingbird
Northern Mockingbird
Northern Mockingbird

According to Cornell’s Lab of O, the northern mockingbird was actually threatened in the 1800s because it became popular to keep caged mockingbirds and too many were captured from the wild.  Oh, humans… 😐


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