Nature red in tooth and…awwwww…

We found this little baby squirrel in one of my research plots, far from any tree.  At this time of the year, my plants are just barely germinating, so the plot is essentially a 2 x 2m square of bare ground.  I have no idea how the baby squirrel got there, but it was clearly not of his own power…his eyes aren’t even open yet!

Baby squirrel
Unfortunately, I had to risk moving him…we had to move soil around in the plot and didn’t want to harm him.
Baby squirrel
So we put him in this little container while we were working.
Baby squirrel
I don’t know how he got to the plot, but I suspect that a blue jay found him in the his nest and thought to take him as a little snack, but accidentally dropped him while flying away. Any other ideas?
Baby squirrel
After we were done with the plot, we put him back where we found him. I knew he would almost certainly die there, but I knew he would definitely die if I tried to take him with me. Poor little dude…
Baby squirrel
I’ll never know what happened to little dude, but I’m just going to choose to believe that his mama found him and took him back to the nest and he’s growing into a strong adult squirrel somewhere.


6 thoughts on “Nature red in tooth and…awwwww…

  1. In our area, we have a wildlife rehabilitation center that could have saved him. They do this kind of work all the time, quite successfully. Is there one in your area? You might want to check in case you find a critter in need in the future!

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