This post contains gluten

It contains wheat! Beautiful, glorious wheat… This field of wheat is Out…Standing… I didn’t get home from the field until 9:30 pm on this day, but the sunset on the wheat fields made it worth it…almost An interloper! I love how red it looks in the sunset Bonus wheat photos from a couple of weeks […]

Speckled Sharpshooter

We found this gigantic leafhopper in our experimental research plots! Isn’t it cool? It’s cool, isn’t it? Nestled safely in the thistle spines…a lot of things like to hide out in there, we’re finding Paraulacizes irrorata (Speckled Sharpshooter) I think he has a funny nose.

Thistle herbivores

I’ve often focused on pollinators in the past, but I’m trying to expand my expertise to other kinds of interactions, including trophic interactions (consumer/consumed). These antagonistic interactions are very common, obviously, and well studied. This summer, I’m working with some undergraduates and high school students to learn more about the herbivores that feed on thistles. […]