Links to share

OMG just found a cool TED talk on some of the more charismatic aspects of my research…I’m really enjoying Dr. Valdovinos’ research right now:

Great post on Agroecology by Manu Saunders:

Everyone has been sharing this graphic of spiraling climate warming, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s good:

Made up animals?  Shame on you Audubon:

Movile cave is a super interesting ecosystem, isolated for 5.5 million years:

Some good thoughts on the “morality” of health foods:

I like this comic!:

Do honeybees cheat on their diets?

The pain index…this guy allowed himself to be stung by 83 different species of insect! I’m tempted to try it…

Beetle of the week:

Ovoviviparous beetle babies:

A video game about ants!

An interview with Sam Droege:

I’ve become obsessed with Science Friday and I listen to episodes when I’m going for bike rides. These two in particular are exciting for me, as my father has been involved in GPS almost from the beginning. Did you know the Air Force almost killed the GPS program before it got off the ground?!? Some cool stories (my father is not mentioned haha)
Here’s another:


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