A tale of two spiders

One of which got a hoverfly…
Crab spider eating hoverfly
The crab spiders (Thomisidae) are ambush predators that often hide on flowers, waiting for flower visiting prey to land
Crab spider eating hoverfly
This one got a syrphid (or hoverfly) (Taxonomy tidbit! You can see the spurious RS vein on the wing of the fly, which is diagnostic for its family)
Crab spider eating hoverfly
Crab spider eating hoverfly
Close up on the spider (I believe this is a flower crab spider…genus Misumena)

And THIS spider got a bee! (I’m conflicted)
I believe this is an orb weaver, let me know if you have an ID in the comments
Don’t feel bad, this was an old bee…see how tattered her wings are?


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