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I love listening to Maya Angelou speak! Wow!

A species extinction caused by climate change (and so it begins?)

This is too cool: A butterfly that steals from ants!!

We lost a great ecologist, Bob Paine.  He was an inspiration to many, including me:

This is what city living does to ya:

Vanilla is in danger!

Cool photos of scientists:

The global price of invasive species…always interesting when people try to put a number on these things, which are inherently difficult to quantify:

A friend of mine talking about squash bees:

An increasing mistrust of science:

One species for another? Humans are all about value judgements:

How are bees and Nazis related?

Plant nutrient deficiencies:


2 thoughts on “Links to Share

  1. What a wonderful group of articles! I particularly loved the article about Chappelle and Angelou, as it played to my philosophical bent. All fascinating. Thank you.

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