I was chased by a skunk this morning

I was chased by a skunk this morning, that is all I have to report (as my field experiment is failing terribly due to drought).

It was a very pretty skunk, and it didn’t try to spray me.  I think it just wanted to scare me off its territory and show me how was boss…either that or defend its mate, who went running off the other direction (she was pretty too). After I walked a few paces away, he gave up and ran away.

I wish I’d had my camera, but I didn’t so here’s a crappy flip phone photo of a blurry skunk running at me. (It looks like an impressionist painting)




8 thoughts on “I was chased by a skunk this morning

  1. Skunks are pretty!

    Also, droughts make a lot of things fail. Drought is being once again very hard on my garden. But I found a cute tiny grey fuzzy bee this morning and thought of you…as someone who might be able to identify a bee. Alas, though, my camera was not up to the challenge of that micro a photo.

  2. You made me laugh about the skunk! So sorry about the experiment being affected by drought though! Very frustrating. I remember way back in my student days, my partner was doing a thesis on jumping spiders. We returned to find the whole place bulldozed flat! He had to start again with something new. The weather, crazy incidents, ill health and grant problems…it’s a wonder any research gets completed! I hope something works out for you! x

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