Photos from a hardwood floor

You know, being a scientist is all about the intangible rewards…and I spend most of my time doing things that ultimately fail. Papers and grants get rejected, I don’t get the jobs, I don’t get the awards.  Because most of the feedback I get is negative criticism, it can be hard to see science as a rewarding profession sometimes.

Ash floor
Ash floor

Putting in a hardwood floor, on the other hand, yields immediate and tangible rewards. You can see the work you are accomplishing as you accomplish it. You put the wood in place, you sand it, you finish it.  It immediately looks beautiful.  Work = reward…and it felt so good.

Ash floor
Ash floor
Ash floor

This is the hardwood floor we installed and finished a couple of weeks ago.  The wood is ash, and it’s gorgeous, but I have a bad feeling that everyone is chopping down their ash trees before the Emerald Ash Borer can get to them…this is unfortunately a repeat of what happened with the American Chestnut. By cutting down every tree that might get affected, we eliminate the genetic diversity of the population and prevent any innate resistance that might exist from showing itself.

Ash floor

Still, this is a gorgeous hardwood floor!

Ash floor
Ash floor


5 thoughts on “Photos from a hardwood floor

  1. Looks great 🙂 And I agree, there has to be more than science in the life of a scientist, which is why I’ve spent part of the summer refurbishing an old summer house at the back of the garden (on going) and renovating and planting our front garden (almost done). Maybe I should write a blog post about it….

  2. Yes, being a scientist can be a frustrating profession with not a lot of positive feedback. You can feel like you’re just slogging away for years. Getting things published is always a pain. I LOVE your floors! I also have beautiful polished floorboards in my little old house built by a Dutchman in the 70s. You should be proud of yourself. It’s not an easy job. Well done! 🙂

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