Links to share

I’m traveling today, so while I’m gone, here are some links to peruse:

This awesome graphic of Olympic athletes compared to other animals (it blows my mind that a sailfish can swim 68 mph…I swim…about 1.8 mph (for long distances (don’t judge me))) (also, I passed a butterfly on a run the other day, which I’m actually pretty proud of now) (although, now that I think of it, it’s kinda unfair to compare the butterfly and the falcon to ground runners; ditto for free divers compared to the beaked whale):

More evidence that pesticides are linked to pollinator declines:

This Chinese Olympic swimmer is awesome for multiple reasons:

Eucalypts are fascinating!

I ❤ ant-plant mutualisms!

Cockroaches are cool!

This is amazing! A photographic journey with beewolfs:

Gotta catch em all (and let school kids name em)!

YES! This (one of my favourite photographers talking about one of my favourite things):

I was looking up wingless wasps and I found this webpage:

with THIS photo!

By Tom Murray

Have you ever seen such an adorable wasp?


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