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I want this article front and center. A more uplifting view on the anthropocene, and how we are NOT in the middle of the sixth mass extinction (say that five times fast, cause I can’t). We are, however, badly affecting the health of the planet. Definitely read this if you’re going to read just one article (PS I disagree on de extinction but he makes some good points):

“Plant blindness” (people think plants aren’t cool, but they’re wrong; now I’m tempted to draw a comic about all the ways botany can save your life):

Shocking the Emerald Ash Borer:

Why are mirror spiders so beautiful!?

Omg, the beetle foot, the beetle foot!

Some really cool spider photos:

And that drew me over to these roly-poly spiders!

The potential for computer models to provide evidence for or against hypotheses…philosophy of science!


4 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. Re: ash borers–if only. May be too late around here. Our local (green ash, mostly) population is in crisis.

    And I love Aeon. Great essays, great science in that journal, generally speaking; but I still feel pretty well convinced by Elizabeth Kolbert & others on the anthropocene….

    Of course, we can hope.

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