Links to share

I cannot express how much I love this comedy photography competition…personal favourites include the snowy owl (duh), the prairie dog contemplating a blade of grass, and the bear going for a jog:

A commercial for Hercules (and associates):

Children draw scientists:

I’m always on the lookout for examples of blue in nature:

Scientist dies doing science…hats off for Gordon Hamilton:

I’ve had my own run ins with this plants (literally) and yes they are awful:

I’ve always been fascinated by this woman’s story (and her eyes, isn’t everyone?). I hope things turn out ok for her:

Obama is great, sorry*:

Trilobite beetles!

How to recover from a bike accident (serious stuff):

*not sorry


2 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. Good links.i enjoyed seeing the comedic photos again and several of the articles (even the sad one). Obama has been my boss for the past 8 years. Most people don’t know all the wonderful things he has done for civil rights. Sigh. He kept so many promises to small groups that no one ever noticed (like native Americans) or wanted to ignore (LGBTQ community). So I enjoyed the article about his photographer. Good mix of science and general interest!

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