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No way! It looks like the American Chestnut might not have been the dominant tree in eastern hardwood forests before its decline after all…this is the problem with stories that are told and retold and never questioned (Still a great tree though):

This is also super interesting…it looks like neonics might cause outbreaks of spider mites (and other mites). Same old story of unintended consequences:

Love this periodic table of elements:

This. The temptation to give up can be powerful sometimes:

Beautiful maned wolves in Brazil:

This awesome video of how humans took over the world:

Data on the House of Representatives!  I actually know the first author too, this is a cool paper:

Giant prehistoric bird with teeth!

Very bad news about the sea ice not coming back…have we reached some climate tipping point?

White-throated sparrows have four sexes? Also, clues into the evolution of sex chromosomes:

PS. The really scary sea ice graphic is the one below, but I can’t find the source data, so I’m not sure how much to trust it. Regardless, the graph gives me chills. It’s  a little cut off at the bottom, but the red line is 2016.

Source: The Verge


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