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FEATHERED DINOSAUR TAIIILLLLL (If you didn’t already know this, you heard it here first!):

Australian photo contest:

Four periodic elements named!

Marine pollinators…tiny crustaceans (i.e. arthropods I like to call ocean insects) pollinate sea grasses:
(PS I resent them being called bees)

Dumbledore means bumblebee!

All the awesome things bees do:

100 of the most influential images of all time (according to Time…and be prepared to spend some time):

Go Japan!

New super-resistant bacteria found in deep cave…they’re calling these “hero bugs” because they can learn about natural antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Caution warranted when purchasing seeds…a sad story of those who take advantage of conservation efforts by selling contaminated seed. And maybe a story about how little we know when we purchase certain species (this also goes for fish):


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